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Why Yoga? 10 Reasons To Catch a Class Today

Often I’ve received enquiries on whether by practicing yoga it will help to meet a specific need. Weight loss? Toning muscles for lesser knee pain? Body alignment? Lower back issues? A great number of benefits you may find often through the years of yoga matt practice.

I've included the top 5 reasons in the enclosed image, the other 5 reasons are:-

  • ENERGY - Two 90-minute sessions a week can reduce fatigue by 57%.

  • OVERALL HEALTH - Just two weekly 90-minute yoga sessions can lower inflammation by 20%.

  • HORMONES - Yoga lowers the levels of hormones that cause menstrual cramps.

  • SEXUAL FUNCTION - Regular yoga ups arousal and lubrication by increasing blood flow.

Through the several years of practice, I notice a great change in terms of my body energy level. I became less tired in the day and greater flexibility developed through the years. Of course, lifestyle diet plays a part too where a few diet tips will be shared at a later postings. Join us for a trial class at Cyberjaya or Bangsar to learn how to achieve your needs through the teachings from the experienced instructors. Click here for schedule details. Namaste.

Text by Nicole Niemiec and Carrin Lee


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