Yoga at your space or ours

​What do you experience in Yoga?

Yoga is a state of deep insightful wisdom which can arise in us in the wake of sharp concentration and broad awareness. Through practice, it develops:

  • Improvement in flexibility and weight management

  • Therapeutic as it reduces stress and healing

  • Improvement in mind concentration



Carrin would like to invite you to join her yoga matt practices at her space, Cyberjaya or at your desired location:

  • provides effective 1-to-1 classes

  • for beginner, intermediate or all levels even pre-natal

  • fun group classes

  • parent and child yoga

Leading  you into natural symmetry and balance.

Glimpse of moments...

Parent and Child Yoga
Parent and Child Yoga

Parent and child Yoga
Parent and child Yoga


Prepare into the transition of paryankasana

Parent and Child Yoga
Parent and Child Yoga


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