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Reflecting back when I first started 'Yogini Journey' facebook fanpage and website 2 years ago, I have never thought how much I have learnt and explored of being or still going to be a yogini today.

Lifting up my toes off the matt requires core, shoulder, arm strength when at first I thought I have weak arms.

To balance my body on top of my head, I once thought I will break my neck in just a matter of time, but it all requires the strength of 'upekshanam', that is, equanimity.

To be able to control the drop, I once thought just land as long as you are on your feet you are safe, but it also requires 'karuna', that is, compassion towards my spine and the relation of the vertebras and how my consciousness connects with my spine. Awareness of not 'over doing it.

To be able to conform in the stability of Urdhva Danurasana (upward bow) to experience 'shanta' (stability) and 'mudita' (goodwill, happiness), I once thought I require strong arms and flexible back. But, it takes 'prasadana' the state of clarity, purity, pleasantness to be felt on your toes, heels, calves, thighs, pelvic, pelvic floor, core, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, cervical spine, neck, deltoids, trapezius, arms, palms, fingers.

To be able to lift up to 'tadasana' (mountain pose) and grounding tall like a tree. The effort is as much as working so hard towards cultivating of maitri karuna mudita upekshanam. The equanimity of cultivating friendship towards those who are happy, compassion towards suffering; goodwill towards those who are virtuous; and indifference towards the non-virtuous.

*Reference to Making Patanjali Palatable, written by Manoj Kaimal.


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