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A litany of milestones. Let's do something good. 2015.

As I was flipping through my yoga journal, there have been quite a lot of experiences uphold last year. Never thought that I would survived through the 3 months of strict vegan diet. Yes, it was a time where I've lost 5 kgs and barely could walk with my two legs. I must say, it felt great during and after 3 months. It is like a totally whole new life begin once again, within. My practice became deeper and awareness expanded. I've learnt to watch, discern before an action. I hope my journey of great learnings as a yogini has well translated to my students whom have followed me through the months or years and to those whom have supported my yoga classes. There are many yoga teachers out there. Comparison and competition is at stake. Nevertheless, I stay true to my teachings and I have received a note from a senior yoga teacher that I wish to share. "Carrin, I think if we are dedicated to the continual learning and sincere imparting of teachings, students who resonate with true yoga teachings will be drawn to us. There will always be others out there wwho are 'flashier & noisier' than us and if we focus our attention on what they are doing and how to 'beat' them, we too will lose the plot of being a true yoga teacher :) Let's invoke Bhuvaneswari, the capacity of infinite space within us to accomodate all which comes our way, and Upekshanam, the practice of equanimity." I hope this stays now and for many years ahead. Next, I've been mulling over what I would like to do this year of 2015. I had this notion arised, from a sitting practice with a friend on a Wednesday morning. The yamas are broken down to 5 wholesome of qualities. They tell us that our fundamental nature is compassionate, generous, honest and peaceful. I choose to "Do Something Good". I've been following this non-profit organization "Do Something Good" and this is a platform that helps volunteers find volunteering opportunies in their community and helps social organisation manage their volunteers. It connects NGOs to people and corporate groups to create opportunites for service and social change. I have yoga bags handmade from quality cotton linen blend fabrics which I've put up on sale in my virtual shop. 10% of profits made will be donated to the non-profit organisation. Help me to help them by supporting my products or get involved at Namaste and thank you! :)

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