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Gravity-defying Scorpion Handstand


My daily mat practice lately, has incorporated plenty of back bending through the Ashtanga series especially the secondary series. The intrepid exploration of 'Scorpion handstand' or 'Vṛśchikāsana II' in sanskrit is definitely a challenging pose to pursue. The movement concentration where the heart center goes forward while the crown of the head lifts up. The gaze is down or forward depending on balance and flexibility. Fear is my main barrier other than just strength. My entire front body is stretched, especially the neck, spine, chest and abdomen which helps in strengthening my triceps and biceps, shoulders, back and muscles along the ribs. What I needed most is the increase of blood flow to the brain and circulation in the limbs which stimulates the abdominal organs and lungs.

It is possible, but it takes deep patience, willingness, honesty, and understanding.

I fell numerous times but without falling I wouldn't know where to go or what to do next to progress. Of course, safety comes first which explains the bolster and wall as my support at all times. Carve, learn and create. Let's just keep practising.

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